The Personal Channel

The Extraordinary Benefits of Communicating Via Personal Clouds

Drummond Reed, Managing Director, Respect Network Corp.
Phillip J. Windley, Ph.D., Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Kynetx

June 2012

Executive Summary

The personal cloud—a cloud-based virtual computer controlled by an individual—is looking as inevitable as the personal computer was in the 1980’s. But while new applications like spreadsheets and word processors drove the adoption of personal computers, it will be new communications capabilities that drive the adoption of personal clouds. Links between personal clouds—called a personal channel—can simplify, automate, filter, and protect communications in ways that have never been possible before. Personal channels combine the best features of email with the best features of social networks while eliminating key drawbacks of both. They will also introduce new levels of security, privacy, and control over personal data that will enable trusted relationship management between people and organizations everywhere.

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Power of Connecting
Personal Channels
Benefit #1: Access Control and Volume Control
Benefit #2: Lifetime Portability—Channels Never Break
Benefit #3: Secure Delivery
Benefit #4: Simple, Standardized, Contextual Authentication
Benefit #5: Scalable Trust with Contextual Reputation
Benefit #6: Automated Event Processing
Benefit #7: Intelligent Filtering and Organization
Benefit #8: Intelligent Notification
Benefit #9: Automatic Data Exchange
Benefit #10: Rich Sharing
Finding Out More

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